Deadeye's Color System

The Armor and Color Matching System for Asheron's Call

Current Version (1.9b Alpha)

Color Table last updated: October 21, 2004 - 07:50am


Have you every seen armor on a tradebot or in a corpse that you wonder what color it is? Wouldn't it be nice to know the color of armor is before you try it on? Have you been storing all your armor to sell until you get arround of determining what color it is, because you know the first question will be, "What color is it"?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then Deadeye's Color System (DCS) is for you. Here is a run down of some of the features.

Using The DCS Window

The DCS panel is organized as follows.

@DCS Commands

These commands can be entered on the command line in-game.

@dcs [help] -- Show valid DCS commands
@dcs download -- Download current color descriptions from
@dcs export -- Create a color description file
@dcs import -- Load color decriptions from colortable xml file
@dcs save -- Save current color table
@dcs debug ([on] | off) -- Turn on/off Debug messages
@dcs stats ([on] | off) -- Turn on/off Statistic Logging

Note: the download option will take a moment or two, so do in safeplace.
You can also manually download the colortable and save it as dcs.xml in your install directory.


Click the following To view the colors:
  • Colors By ID
  • Colors By Name
  • Colors By Hue
  • Color Swatches
  • Installation

    Required Support Soffware

  • You have to have installed:
  • Unistall the prior release
  • Download the software at
  • Execute the download DCS.msi

    Sample Display

    Gold Platemail Hauberk w5 AL=(220:285,220,220,88,88,132,88) 8630p 2299bu
    __ __ Colors(Goldenrod-1100/AquaShadows-1489)

    Bronze Amuli Coat w5 (9 Tinks) AL=(403:403,443,403,161,161,241,344) 5140p 1226bu inscribed
    __ __ __ Colors(ColbanBlue-4384/MossGrey-1520/ColbanBlue-4384)

    Bronze Amuli Coat w5 AL=(222:222,244,222,166,196,254,88) 4576p 1173bu inscribed
    __ __ __ Colors(Tangerine-1681/BrickRed-1473/AbyssBlack-1158)

    Copper Amuli Coat w7 AL=(240:240,264,240,181,96,144,182) 36533p 1168bu
    Endurance Self V, Impenetrability IV, Piercing Bane VI, Lore=141+ Craft=228 Missile=173+
    __ __ __ Colors(Rust-1678/DilloBrown-1503/MorningSun-1105)

    Copper Amuli Coat w4 AL=(211:211,232,211,84,194,126,175) 5250p 1144bu
    Impenetrability IV, Lore=91+ Craft=150 Missile=118+
    __ __ __ Colors(Flame-1676/Rose-1480/RichCoco-1680)

    Pyreal Amuli Coat w4 AL=(215:215,236,215,86,86,129,86) 4453p 1283bu
    __ __ __ Colors(SpringGreen-1116/BrothelRed-1466/OldIronGrey-1153)

    Pyreal Chainmail Basinet w7 AL=(219:262,219,175,220,131,231,87) 8737p 196bu
    Armor Tinkering Expertise Self VI, Impenetrability V, Minor Coordination, Lore=115+ Craft=236 Melee=256+
    __ Colors(TreeFrog-1111)

    Iron Helmet w4 AL=(202:262,202,202,80,80,121,80) 2979p 439bu
    Flame Bane III, Impenetrability V, Minor Quickness, Lore=163+ Craft=210
    __ Colors(SeasprayGreen-1673)

    Gold Helmet w5 AL=(199:258,199,199,79,129,119,79) 3326p 533bu
    Impenetrability VI, Magic Resistance Self VI, Lore=267+ Craft=267
    __ Colors(TreeSnake-1112)

    Pyreal Helmet w7 AL=(228:296,228,228,91,91,239,228) 9927p 349bu
    Rejuvenation Self V, Impenetrability V, Flame Bane VI, *MAJOR IMPENETRABILITY*, Minor Storm Bane, Minor Frost Ward, Lore=230+ Craft=265 Sho
    __ Colors(BasePurple-3660)

    Color Name Updates

    Updated 9/27/2004 Thanks to Bowdiddly of VN
    New Names suggestions on VN Boards, Thanks for all the help. All known colors now have names

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